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Make the right impression!Online business card+reliable hosting Online Business Card is a one web-page site that allows you to introduce your business to the potential customers. It is a great way to promote your products/services online, to show your professionalism, and to attract new customers. With our plan "Online Business Card" you will be able to share your company information or post your portfolio online, and to increase awareness of your products/services.

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Online Business Card
The Advantages of The Online Business Card Plan

Fully Customized Solution - Our solution allows you to create a unique website with fully customized design without any knowledge of HTML or CSS - Our designers created a wide range of exclusive themes and skins, so that you can reflect the unique spirit of your company, and introduce your products to the target audience in the best way possible- All elements of the theme are completely customizable, and you can easily define look and feel of your website in a few clicks - Deep personalization tools allow you to create a website that is absolutely consistent with the positioning of your company - You can download your logo, and add other elements to emphasize the uniqueness of your brand- You can use any available domain of your choice without mentioning our services (URL does not contain our company name) Integration with Social Networks - You can add a Share Button to your website to attract more visitors to your website- The link to your online business card will be automatically displayed to all your Twitter and Facebook contacts - You can share links to your social networks accounts on your Business Card pageReliable Hosting- We guaranteethe stability, security, and high performance of your website: no downtime even if the traffic increases sharply - We provide 24/7 technical support, and insure fast and effective resolution of  the technical issues SEO Friendly - We implement various features to make you website's content fully accessible for the search engines. This will allow you to attract more visitors through the web-search - We integrated the best SEO plugins, because we want you to acquire the highest search engine ranking Statistics and Analytic Tools We provide you with web analytic tools, such as traffic statistics, so you can see how many unique visitors your site actually attracts. This feature will help you to understand which resources are the most effective in terms of advertising (or link posting), and what kind of content is most popular among your users. Online Business Card is an affordable and effective way to attract your target audience!