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General Information

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We ensure 100-percent reliable hosting, and provide you with convenient admin panels for easy operation. Powerful resources of our Dedicated Hosting are designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding websites. 
Dedicated Hosting means that we will lease you the physical server. Model of the server and resources available are based on your particular requirements.   

Is Dedicated Hosting suitable for your website?  

Dedicated Hosting is a perfect solution for the resource-demanding websites with significant traffic. Dedicated Hosting is absolutely indispensable if you don't want to spend sufficient amounts of money on purchase, installation and maintenance of your own server.

  •  - Reliability: 100-percent network and server uptime
  • - Flexibility: you can lease low-cost server platform that meets your current needs, and then move to the more powerful server when needed
  • - Powerful resources:


  • * CPU Intel ® Core ™ (you can choose six-core or quad-core processor, depending on the requirements of the website)
  • * Up to 2*1500 GB of disk space
  • * Up to 24 GB of guaranteed RAM
  • * Unlimited traffic ( incoming and outgoing)
  • * Multiple IP-addresses

- Dedicated round-the-clock technical support: immediate response in a case of technical problems
- You can purchase additional space for backup (up to 50 MG)
- You can use our additional services:

* A weekly update of the operating system
* Monitoring and Reboot
* Software installation and troubleshooting

- You can select from several admin panels
- Full access to the root system
- Various operating systems are supported, including, Debian 6.0, Windows 2008 and CentOS 6.0

Choosing our Dedicated Hosting, you choose a reliable, flexible and financially expedient solution!